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CSA Policies

Please review our policies before commiting to NFM CSA.


    1. Registration, Discounts, and Billing.  Payment must be received before the start of the season to avoid cancellation.  To receive the FREE WEEK discount members must sign up for 28 or 34-week season and the discount is already reflected in the price listed.  You may sign up for one season at a time as long as space is available.  
    2. Refunds.  There is a $50 cancellation fee once the season has begun.
    3. Make-up Policy for missed shares.  Norman's offers our members a make-up policy as a courtesy, and reserves the right to deny a make-up based upon availability of product.  THERE ARE NO MAKE-UPS FOR MAY SEASON (4 WEEK SHARE) because of the nature of the short season.  1.  If you cannot make your regular scheduled CSA pickup you may come to another CSA pickup the same week (our week starts on Sundays).  
      2.  You may make up one week per 8 week season (Early, Mid, Late), by doubling.  All makeups must be made within the 8 week season missed.   All other missed shares may be picked up at another CSA location, Roadside stand or a friend can pickup in your name.
      3.  Pickup at roadside stand: Picking up at the stand only the same week you are missing, you cannot makeup a week at the stand, please only do this if it is an emergency and you cannot make any other CSA pickups (not to mention you have greater options at the CSA).  There are no doubles allowed at the roadside stands and no CSA payments either please.  
    4. Inclement Weather.  CSA pickups will be held rain or shine, however in the event of hazardous weather conditions Norman’s will notify members of pickup cancellation via email notification and Facebook.  If a pickup is cancelled, members will be issued a makeup in addition to your regular makeup we offer.
    5. Designated Pickup Location.  All shares must be picked up at the location selected by member at registration or made up at the roadside markets during business hours.  You can only come to the roadside market on the week you miss your share.  You may come to another location to pickup your CSA as long as it is in the same week, we try not to do makeup shares at another location.  
    6. Share of the Harvest.  Our shares are designed to divide the harvest fairly among our members.  Small member shares are about 3/5 the size of large shares.  Shares are measured in a series of steps consisting of pints, quarts, bunches, ¼ pecks, and ½ pecks.  Members are expected to honor the designated portions and not overfill.  Members that overfill will be asked to put back produce.  Overfilling diminishes other member’s shares and jeopardizes the system of the CSA.  Members which intentionally overfill or take advantage of the system will have their membership suspended without refund.  Portions and sizes of shares are subject to change throughout season based on availability and supply of product.
    7. Donations. Norman’s donates or composts ALL missed shares on a weekly basis due to their perishable nature.  Our commitment to farmers is made prior to the growing season and does not take into account our member’s weekly plans or personal conflicts.  We ask that our members honor their commitment to participate in our CSA program and accept that any missed shares will not be credited back to the member at the end of the season.
    8. Crop Failure.  CSA members share in the risks as well as the benefits of the growing season.  Risks in farming include pests, drought, excessive rain, wind, and crop failure.  In case of shortage in supply Norman's will distribute available product fairly amongst its members and if necessary reserves the right to discontinue make-up shares.



Wrong reminder email sent last night, Mid season starts TODAY!July 24th, 2016

  Dear Sunday CSA Member, The wrong reminder emails were sent last night, it was still for the Early Share members.  If you are not signed up for the Mid Season then please excuse that emai

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As a Farmer you’ve got to train yourself to “make hay while the sun is shining”.  In season, you’re up at the crack of dawn, and work a long hard day, just about everyday.

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