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Norman's Farm Market

Let our passion for growing be your connection to the source for the widest selection of fruits and vegetables the region has to offer. Experience the difference at the dinner table with freshness picked that morning and the confidence of knowing your farmer. Sow your commitment to quality, health and the environment to reap the rewards this harvest.


GET THE CREAM OF THE CROP AND SAVE BUSHELS. You choose what goes in your farm share basket when you pick up each week.


Delivery right to your door step


Dinner Party or impromptu cookout? We’ve got you covered. Pop by our local farm stands for the freshest of the season.

Our Produce Stands are OPEN Online



From the Farm

Culinary Blog: Goodbye Vermont

Although I am still in denial about it, I had to leave my personal paradise in Vermont this morning. Right away, the lack of mountains that peak out from the tops of trees in every view and the loud influx of noise that contrasts with the quiet of the farm are overwhelmingly apparent. As I […]

Culinary Blog: Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, & Salt

I think I always underestimate the heat waves of July. For the previous four summers, I worked outside at the farm stands, where the humidity felt like swimming through the air. We cracked open watermelons to hydrate and happily cooled off in those brief but raging storms that hit randomly this time of year. But […]

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