Farm Update: Memorial Day Weekend

The stands opening has signaled that summer had made its touchdown here in Maryland and we are ready for a busy and productive season ahead of us. The weather followed suit and warmed up like it should at this time of year, which made the plants at the farm feel right at home.¬† Our Norman’s […]

Springtime Vegetables!

Hello Norman’s readers! We are now deep into the spring season, the stands just opened, and CSA boxes are being packed to the brim with fresh seasonal treats. Some of you have been seeing new foods that you’ve never heard of or known how to use in cooking before. You can also search through our […]

Sheet-Pan Rutabaga Fries

Whenever I hear or see anything about rutabaga, I automatically think of my dad’s mashed rutabaga at thanksgiving. As a kid, it totally confused me to see mashed potatoes on the table along with something that just looked orange mashed potatoes. Why would you have both? I understand now. They are pretty different vegetables. While […]