Culinary Blog

The past week has felt uneventful, as life often does when routines start to set in place. I wake up at the crack of dawn for my breakfast shift to the sound of sheep bahhh-ing outside my bedroom window. This is a sound that, while thoroughly charming, also makes me feel like they’re yelling first […]

Rising Farm Costs and Uncooperative Weather. This Weeks Farm & Market Report


Last weekend gave us a taste of summer, but just a taste. This week’s wet and cloudy cool down was a setback for our plants. Strawberry plants need sunlight and warmth to produce the sugars which provide their flavor. Weather plays an important factor in making and breaking a bumper crop. Last year at this […]

Travel Plans? CSA Make-Up Policy Update

We are hearing from many members with summer travel plans and questions regarding our makeup policy. For our farm the commitment we receive from our members during the winter months is what provides us the resources to cover our startup costs and keep the lights on too.¬† Our CSA revenues level our cash flow and […]