3 2 1 … Lift Off! Launch of Another Season

Well, here we go again, another produce journey around the sun. Our Markets and Peak Season CSA will launch this upcoming weekend! I find myself dusting off that part of my brain that I haven’t used in a while reserved for directing operations, setting up stands, creating schedules, placing orders, and training new workers.

Winter Season Reset

This winter season was a well-needed reset. What may be perceived as mid-life crisis by some I refer to as embracing my forthcoming role of empty nester and laying the groundwork for my golden years! I reconnected with old friends and made a few new ones. I revisited familiar hobbies which have always brought a sense of solace such as drawing, writing, music and travel. I worked out consistently. I sought adventure on ski trips and fishing expeditions. I examined the balance between responsibilities and sacrifices for the ones we love and permitting ourselves occasional indulgences and risks that make life more fun and exciting. I played golf for the first time, rode a motorcycle, joined an unofficial dog club, and enjoyed dinners with friends. I even told my wife I loved her nearly every single day and meant it.  Now I’m certain my wife and dogs are ready for me to get out of the house and back to the farm as am I.

This Past Week on the Farm

This past week we planted an acre of blackberries, weeded and fed the strawberry rows, and mowed the fields. I was fortunate enough to attend not one but two milestone birthday parties, one of which even culminated into an engagement. Two birds, one stone. Congratulations Lynne and Tim, wishing you much happiness and joy together. We love you guys. 

Upcoming Farm Season

This upcoming season we plan on networking with new producers. We will continue our mission to promote local agriculture, feed the community, reduce our carbon footprint, and minimize single-use plastics. Coming soon we plan on being joined by a BBQ pitmaster and a fresh juice truck one evening per week at the stands. So stay tuned.

We continue to strengthen our relationship with the community by hosting events, donating to causes, finding ways to reduce waste, and providing a venue for neighbors to connect, chefs to procure,  painters to paint and musicians to jam. I’d like to get our community out to the farm more often as well.

So cheers to everyone, I hope you join us for another round.  Be sure to come on out and see us at the stands!

Farmer John



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