Farm Update, October 6

This week at the farm we watched our cover crops of forage radish and winter rye fill in the empty spaces which have finished being harvested this sea... Read more

Farm Update, September 23

This week for me was more about working at the stands and the CSA than being at the farm. It was actually a nice change of pace and good to see so man... Read more

Farm Update, July 28

Early this week was glorious to be out at the farm picking to our heart’s content. The ending of the heat wave and the break from humidity made it a... Read more

Farm Update, July 21

This week things really heated up. The stands and CSA are so busy at the peak of the season that at the farm there is no letting up no matter how hot ... Read more

Farm Update, July 8

This week at the farm was all about weeding and harvesting. Entire days were devoted to either one task or the other. We worked our way down the long ... Read more