Culinary Blog

The past week has felt uneventful, as life often does when routines start to set in place. I wake up at the crack of dawn for my breakfast shift to th... Read more

Culinary Blog: Over Easy

This week, I am sitting down to write my blog post with aching feet, a fresh sunburn from farm work, and some eager anticipation for the weekend’... Read more

Farm & Market Update

This weekend we will be hitting the nineties and are hopeful that this will really jump start the growing season. So far the only crops taking off hav... Read more

Culinary Blog

It has been a busy week of preparing for the restaurant’s opening here at Shelburne Farms. The inn and restaurant have been closed for the past ... Read more

Culinary Blog

Some people say that farm time moves more slowly, and after two weeks of living on one, I know for sure that it is true. The days are peaceful yet ful... Read more