Exciting Announcement: New Location!!

We’ve got some big news! There is a new location in the works and we are so excited that we can’t keep it under our hats. With our Tilden Stand closed due to construction, we are asked nearly each day, if we can find a new location close by. Well for those Tilden customers, your prayers have been answered. Montgomery Mall here we come!

It seems like it was meant to be that Montgomery Mall approached us as part of their outreach to create a community themed event space with some of their outdoor parking areas. Drive-In Movies, car shows, and more will begin happening in July. The fun and dynamic schedule of events will be anchored by the newest Norman’s Farm Market & Gourmet.

They are permitting us to set up a large event tent at the corner of Westlake Terrace and Auto Park Av between the Home Depot & Cheesecake Factory. We will be open every day from July 1 thru Labor Day and if all goes well, hopefully thru October. The great thing is with a sturdy event tent rather than a series of EZ-Up pop-up ones and a setup that we can keep assembled each day the sky is the limit. We will even have electricity.

Expect something very similar to our Mass Ave & Jones Mill Stands. The tables will be full and piled high with lots of great fresh local produce such as corn, peaches, tomatoes melons plus our new gourmet offerings. Mozzarella, burrata, prosciutto and brioche have been flying off the shelves.

This location may also serve as a great alternative pickup location for our Wednesday CSA, especially during times of inclement weather. For CSA pickups, Montgomery Mall has offered us the covered porch area of the old Sears location. Be sure to join us at our Grand Opening Event to kick off the season just in time for the 4th of July!

At the farm this week things are really kicking into gear. I was pleasantly surprised to find all the tomatoes staked by our amazing farm crew. Zucchinis began kicking off this week. Once we get a steady picking going we can start offering squash blossoms. We are harvesting a ton of lettuces, kales and baby greens as well as fresh herbs. Pretty much all the leafy greens and herbs at the CSA and stands are coming from our farm. Sweet onions with tops, both yellow and red varieties are now from our farm and so are garlic scapes. Strawberries finally finished up. Cucumbers, greenbeans and cherry tomatoes are just around the corner. That’s all for now, time to enjoy this beautiful summer evening. Cheers.

John Norman