Farm Update: Greenhouse

As we all have seen, the world has been going through severe times. With a public health crisis, it is more important now than ever to focus on our gifts such as good health and a home to protect you. The simple needs in life are abundantly clear . We have a new and heightened awareness of the resources that we all have available. We must all stick together as neighbors, friends, and family to support one another.

Beyond doubt, one of our most salient resources in this circumstance is food. It is crucial to be nourishing ourselves with meals which provide a variety of essential nutrients to boost immune system and healthy functioning. It is also key that we know where our food is being sourced from and that we trust the people who are handling it. Here at Norman’s, we are committed to providing Montgomery County with access to clean, local, and nutritive produce to keep families eating the best they can be. At the moment, the seasons are changing in our favor and the process for providing you all this food is currently underway.

During this past week, we stopped in at the green house to check on it’s progress. The air has been warm and the plants are definitely responding, as we are seeing the possibility of a slightly sooner harvest in our futures. The miniature heads of lettuce, kale, and other salad leaves are crisp and standing boldly, cascading the nursery with an ombre gradient of green. These will be transplanted to our own farm where they will live and thrive for the rest of the season. This lush abundance that grows straight out of the earth will soon be at our fingertips to help sustain and power our community through. Our CSA is set to begin in about 6 weeks and our roadside stands a month after that. In this time of uncertainty, the spark of life within our plants has resurged a hopeful positivity for us and we hope it has for our readers too.



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