Farm Update: Fourth of July!

For our Fourth of July celebrations, we brought our staff over to our farm in Howard County to experience some socially distanced fireworks on Friday night. It was a perfect night with a bright full moon, and it was amazing to see everyone enjoying themselves. This season has been a whirlwind of changes and new methods of working, but we’ve all been able to come together as a great team. We had food catered to us from a local restaurant, and everyone brought their blankets and drinks. We did hayrides where everyone admired the fields of vegetables and all their abundance. It was finally a moment of normalcy for this farm family!

We are now seeing one of our favorite eggplant varieties coming in hot. They are called fairytale eggplants, and they earned their name for a good reason. They are small, light purple eggplants that are particularly great for grilling up and serving them whole for each portion.

We also see bushels and bushels of Kirby cucumbers. These are the cucumbers most known for pickling! They’ve got thin skin, tiny seeds, and a fresh, crisp bite to them. Try making homemade pickles this summer for a refreshing treat and delicious condiment.

Our heirloom tomatoes are getting there are we are so excited. They are the varieties Purple Cherokee and Brandywine and will be stunning shades of pink and deep purple in a few weeks when they’re ripe. Speaking of tomatoes, our Sungold and red cherry tomatoes are also on their way in! Keep your eye out for those in a little while.