Farm Update, July 8

This week at the farm was all about weeding and harvesting. Entire days were devoted to either one task or the other. We worked our way down the long aisles of tomatoes with hoes and gloves and excavated our way through leaving behind a carpet of flattened weeds and erect healthy tomato plants loaded with fruit. On alternate days we would pick cucumbers, beans, squash, lettuce, kale, and baby greens such as arugula, mesclun, and a braising mix. We have also been cutting sunflowers and selling them at the stands in three stemmed bunches. They are very popular and show great along the road serving the purpose of both signage and product. We also picked our first cherry tomatoes, okra, and hot peppers. This coming week we anticipate getting into our eggplant, okra, and more varieties of peppers. We also expect our cherry tomatoes to really take off. That’s all for now, have a great week everyone.