Farm Update June 4th

Cicadas rattling in the trees has become the new background noise everywhere you go, but while in the center of the fields at the farm, the hum feels distant, tucked away into the surrounding patches of forest. To the farm’s delight, it’s getting hot, and the sun outside is getting intense. All of this seems like it is now the start of a real good summer ahead of us. Already, a perfect combination of rain, shine, and pollination has been working in our favor. Strawberries at our farm are currently producing more than they ever have, giving us almost four times as many berries as we saw last season.

Along with strawberries, our greens are coming in full and flavorful. Like spinach, arugula, and baby lettuces, our rows of tender baby greens are flourishing in their small, colorful patch of the farm. Our spinach, especially, has reached its peak season and is giving us vibrant leaves with red stems. Even our rows of blackberries are dotted with hundreds of soon-to-be fruits that we hope to enjoy with you all. Along with what’s already there, other rows of plants give us a vision of the future. Our beets are getting to size, and the zucchinis are starting to blossom. All the while, the eggplants and bell pepper plants close by are just beginning to grow tall. Give them a few more hot and humid weeks, and our farm will soon be a ratatouille depot. There are several beds ready to go for our favorite Sugarcube cantaloupes and more surprises to come.



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