Farm Update, May 25 2018

It’s official, our stands are open for the season! In fact I am writing this update from our Chevy Chase stand on Jones Mill Road between ringing up customers. The sun came back out this week and the farm felt like a pastoral paradise (other than some crazy storms on Tuesday night). Surveying our progress from the highest vantage on the hill I see this year’s plan coming together as we pound tomato stakes, plant beds of vegetables, sow green beans, sunflowers and prepare new beds.

Somebody asked me if all that rain last week was a good thing or bad. The answer is both. A farmer is always going to be reluctant judging free water, however I was just about to start building an ark. Now that the sun is back out the tomatoes have shot up and over, which made us have to step it up to get them staked. Most of our summer veggies seem to have responded positively from the combination of rain and sun. On the other hand our greens have taken a hit from too much rain and not enough sun. We lost our first planting of red leaf lettuce due partially from trying to protect them from the deer by covering them. The covering impacted air circulation and this is probably what caused our problem. So now I wonder how much damage was caused by deer versus the rain and us. Live and learn, make a note, and move on. Our next patch of lettuce looks fine.

Strawberry JamFest is back on for June 2nd, at 3pm. I hope everyone comes out for it to tour the farm, pick some strawberries, and enjoy the music. I am really excited about our new lineup. Years ago as a musician interested in the blues, I had just purchased a bottleneck slide, harmonica, and one of those contraptions Bob Dylan and Neil Young would use to play the harmonica and guitar at the same time. I was determined to woodshed my way into proficiency and become a bluesman myself. Around that time I was shooting pool upstairs at Madam’s Organ when I heard the soulful cry of a blues harp and slide from a resonator guitar. I went downstairs to investigate and their was Robert Lighthouse. I was blown away mezmorized and instantly converted as a fan.  It took me a good while before I could pick up that slide and harmonica again. Have a great week everyone!




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