Fundraise with Norman’s Farm Market

Fundraising with Norman’s Farm Market

Norman’s plays an active role in our community and is proud to offer Maryland Washington, DC schools, sports teams, and other organizations a healthy and profitable fundraising option. Raise money through locally grown produce!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose your fundraising campaign options, length, and goal.
  2. Your donors purchase trial CSA shares, fresh apple cider, pumpkins, or other produce.
  3. We provide the delicious, healthy fruits and veggies.
  4. Your organization keeps a portion of the profits.

We’ve partnered with FarmRaiser, an online fundraising platform, to make the entire process seamless and easy. Together, we help you raise money for your school or nonprofit and offer products you can be proud to sell to friends, family, neighbors, and everyone else. Learn more about the program or fill out the form below to get started!

Why fundraise with Norman’s?

  1. You give your families and their friends a healthy and valuable way to support your organization and their lifestyle. You both win!
  2. No minimums, no shipping costs, and no pre-payment required.
  3. We’ve partnered with FarmRaiser so everything is online. Online campaigns typically make 20% more in sales than strictly paper order forms.
  4. Your supporters can pay with cash, check, and credit card.
  5. Track your organization’s progress throughout the campaign in real time.
  6. FarmRaiser makes it easy with automatic receipts, sales reports, distribution day planners, and more!

To Get Started:

Enter your name and email to create your free FarmRaiser account below.
You’ll receive immediate instructions on how to begin your next campaign.
Happy Fundraising!