Gourmet Feature: Le Bec Fin

Last year, we expanded our selection to include not only fresh produce and ingredients but also ultra-convenient and gourmet chef-prepared meals. These meals are prepared by French Chef Daniel Monneaux of Le Ben Fin Fine Foods. He is a member of the French Culinary Academy and has cooked for the French Embassy. Our gourmet supplier, Fred, has a close connection with him from his days working as a restaurant supplier. Le Bec Fin Fine Food operates out of Linden, New Jersey. They offer artisanal European foods and charcuterie and have been doing so since 1999. We source some of our charcuterie sausages from them as well as our foie gras. Their ready-to-eat meals are traditional dishes like cassoulet, potato gratin, beef bourguignon, and veal stew. These are intricate and flavorful dinners that are perfect for the days that you don’t want to cook but you want something satisfying, tasty, and made with real, high-quality ingredients.