Gourmet Feature: Zürsun

Fresh from Zürsun’s farm in Idaho, we’re getting an array of heirloom beans. We’ll have Great Northern, Black-eye, Black Turtle, Cranberry, Orca, Anasazi, and Scarlet Runner. Zürsun is an established bean producer that’s been a significant supplier known across the USA for almost 30 years. The area where the small farms that Zürsun partners with is in The Snake River Canyon in southern Idaho and is known as the Magic Valley because the climate and soil are ideal for growing the highest quality beans. These small farms cultivate pure heritage legume varieties that undergo intense inspection to ensure maximum health and consistency amongst their appearance and strains. Founded by John and Lola Weyman and now owned by Jim Soran, this company is overseen by passionate bean experts with deep roots in this field. Try out their products for a nutritious and wholesome protein alternative to accompany the fresh vegetables on our site.