In the Field

This week started with my annual whirlwind trip to the beach with the family to celebrate my mom’s birthday and ended with me running around the markets like a maniac now that we are full swing. I missed yet another week at the farm as I concentrated on training new staff and figuring out new stands. It takes me back to the early days of Norman’s Farm Market when we were trying to make our mark and get established. This week I thought I would reminisce back to the days of farm market folklore to share what it was like to be peddling fresh local produce before the locavore movement.

This coming week I will be sure to get back out to the farm and get the scoop on tomato tissue samples with nutrient analysis; to answer the question of how close are sweet onions and green beans from ready? To count the bushels of zucchini and cucumbers and measure the height of the sunflowers. But until then enjoy…https://normansfarmmarket.com/farm-market-folklore/