Welcome to the Season, 2022

Welcome to our 35th Season.  I can’t believe it, yet at the same time yes I can.  A little over 35 years ago on a Sunday evening at my grandparents house while sitting at the dinner table as my grandfather asked us what we would do over the summer.  This dinner conversation amongst brothers brainstorming ways to earn some money over the summer is what led to the founding of Norman’s Farm Market.

After spanning four decades and countless locations and employing literally thousands of local students seeking summer jobs, we have expanded our network of local farms and even became farmers ourselves. Our 60 acre farm in Howard County, Maryland supplies most of the vegetables to our CSA Program and roadside stands in season.

We are excited to continue down the same path with not too many surprises for our returning members. We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members as well. We rolled out the upcoming 28-Week Peak Season CSA back in November offering the largest incentives to those that signed up early to help cover start-up and winter expenses. As we begin the season we will open our Week-to-Week Flexible Plan for those that can’t commit to the entire season but would like to support and reap the rewards of the farm as it works for their schedule. Pay only for the weeks you pickup with minimal commitment. For those with travel plans or unpredictable schedules this should be a great fit.

For the first time we remained opened through the winter to keep everyone engaged and our workers gainfully employed. We plan to continue this thru next winter as well. This was a nice way to start the season with everyone primed and ready to go. Over the past six months we have needed to source much of our produce from beyond the local region to keep our tables full. Rather than local we have prioritized quality, selection and growing practices. Our plan is to transition towards local produce while maintaining a broad selection on the tables.  We will be adding local products into the mix as they become available beginning with greens, strawberries and asparagus. By mid-June to early July with the arrival of peaches, tomatoes, melons and corn, I anticipate being 100% local. To become familiar with our local season, checkout our Harvest Schedule.

We are also excited to continue to develop and market our newly added Norman’s Gourmet product line. One silver lining resulting from the pandemic was the launch of Norman’s Gourmet. Teaming up with Frederic Carliez, our Gourmet Manager, who has procured our product line has allowed us to become more of a full fledged, one-stop shop. Seafood, salamis, spices, cheeses and much more, Fred always seems to be improving and fine tuning our selection while actively seeking out exceptional producers and products that compliment our farm fresh produce. Customer feedback plays a large role in the decisions he makes and the direction we go. If there is something you would like to see us add or if you know of an exceptional producer let Fred know, NormanGourmet20@Gmail.com.

Thank you for being a part of our community and trusting us to be your grower and food provider. We are looking forward to another journey around the sun.



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