2019. That’s a Wrap!

This past weekend we ended the season with a bang as we distributed over 50 smoked salmon fillets at our final CSA pickup.  This was our first time with smoked salmon ever! What began as a gift idea to symbolize a wish for good fortune snowballed into a great new product for Norman’s. Don’t worry if you missed out, it was such a success that we will definitely be doing it again. At the CSA we boogied down to Chuck Berry’s Run, Run Rudolph in festive spirit tables piled high with abundance of dairy, apples and greens, roots and stalks on a gorgeous, but chilly Sunday afternoon.  It was great to see everyone for one last time in 2019 and wish them a joyous holiday season. The next day I met Anne and her helpers in the Norman’s truck loaded with all the surplus inventory. She was like farm market Santa with elves and the truck was her sleigh as we distributed nearly 5000 lbs of produce to Nourish Now and Manna Food Center. These are two of the food banks we work with during the year. Both are fantastic organizations that rely upon donations and volunteerism. I got to meet the organizers and volunteers face to face and even discuss some opportunity for next year. I enjoyed ending the season on the positive note and “no produce left behind” mentality.    

Currently I am enjoying the relaxation of burrowing back into my den to plot out a new season. Outside my window it’s dark and grey but there’s a warm glow of Christmas lights reflecting off the wintery mix. I’m looking ahead to a new year. January begins with a new partnership and Home Delivery with South Mountain Creamery (SMC).  Many have voiced their excitement about this collaboration. SMC will help bridge the gap in between seasons, (January thru April) and keep us supporting local farms. We have currently packaged 16 deliveries into a winter membership at a discounted rate. You will pick and choose from an assortment of produce, dairy, meat, seafood, baked goods and more.  The membership at $75, covers the delivery fees for 16 weeks. Norman’s has negotiated an additional $25 Off with Coupon Code: NORMANS2020 if you sign up by the end of the year. Each week you will receive an updated product list to choose from. You are not obligated to order each week and you are only being charged for the products you purchase, however to receive the full benefit it is best to be as consistent as you can. Looking ahead we are excited to introduce SMC’s products to our CSA in the spring and fall and to supply SMC with fresh produce from our farm next season. To sign up or find out more, CLICK HERE!



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