Farm Update, June 18, 2016

As a new farmer there is a certain expectation of the requirement to “wear many hats”. You should be a food enthusiast, a botanist, a mechanic, a biologist, a businessman, a laborer, a truck driver, an accountant, and of course in my case a bohemian. This week at the farm I got to wear a few more hats as well, both figuratively and literally as I place my new straw hat on my head hoping it doesn’t look too new for long. I find myself catering a staff meet and greet on Sunday, hosting an entire film crew for three days through Wednesday, then meeting our pioneering wedding couple and their caterer on Thursday to begin planning our first wedding at the farm. All the while our vegetable production keeps on rolling, semi-smoothly and semi-steadily. What a week!

Last Sunday we had a shindig for our staff. It was well attended and may have included as many dogs as people. It was really the first party we have had at the farm ever. What a blast and a great opportunity to get all our market workers together and show them where and how a majority of our vegetables will be grown this season. Since our company is made up of farmers, packers, truckers, as well as CSA and stand employees it is pretty rare that everyone gets to hang out with each other. The entire buffet was made up of dishes coming straight from our farm as well as the other farms we work with and was extremely rewarding. Sending the stand employees out to the fields to do some picking for ingredients that would go straight into a salad while others got the fire going to cook ribs and steaks from Liberty Delight Farm in Reisterstown, or fresh caught Barracuda from one of our crew just back from a fishing trip. Others kicked back with a nice cold drink at our new picnic tables or on blankets. It was awesome. Late into the evening, too late really, the few of us remaining closed the evening out by the crackling fire as I played my guitar surrounded by the darkness of night, millions of stars, the smell of fresh air and the accompaniment of frogs.

The next morning bright and early a full parking lot of vehicles awaits. Vans packed with film equipment, attractive actors, and a crew of beards transform the farm into a movie studio. I felt so Hollywood hanging out with the director and producer of the shoot or taking advantage of the coffee and refreshments. I can’t believe how hard this crew works out in the sun for like a ten hour day only taking 30 minutes for lunch. I am in awe with how thorough and focused the director manages the scene catching every detail and the timbre of the actors’ voices. I realize if I was a director, rather than “cut” I would be more like “good enough”. This film will be an educational tool and interactive experience contracted by the USDA for training organic certifying field agents, (or something like that). I can’t wait for the opportunity to be asked if our farm is certified organic, and then to respond, “No, but we play one on TV.”

While I was preoccupied this week, thank goodness for our dedicated farm crew, harvesting like crazy all varieties of squash, zucchini, and cucumbers. We are into our own broccoli, beets and radishes. Moving on along through the kale, chard, and lettuce; phasing out of our first patch of direct seeded baby greens while phasing in to the next one. We are tying up our fantastic, and gorgeous tomato plants just loaded with blossoms and fruit. This week we should start picking a lot more basil. Have a great week everyone!



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