Farm Update: August 2020

Now that is late in the summer, most of the vegetables at our markets come straight from our soil up in Woodbine, MD. The storms from Hurricane Isias last week broke some of that oppressive humidity out there, which made a more pleasant time for everyone at the farm and stands. Our season favorites such as eggplants and tomatoes are coming in with impressive sizes and colors, so it’s a good time to fire up that grill this week to get cooking!

When first entering the farm, there are rows and rows of tall and hearty plants that wooden stakes are holding up. These are our eggplants! The rows go down for many meters, and as you walk along, you can see the gorgeous dark and neon purple eggplants hanging heavy under the big green leaves. In just a few weeks, these plants have grown so much and now reach about as tall as me!

When you walk further in and towards the next cluster of rows, you will find our peppers. Right now, we are still picking our bell peppers green, but they are coming in abundance. We now have color on all our mini bell peppers, however, and these are so good! The mini bell peppers are like a small gem of sweet and savory flavor waiting to be picked. These can be eaten raw with dips or thrown on the grill for an excellent side dish!

Quite possibly our favorite part of our farm and the summer is our tomatoes. This year, we have even set up a whole storage unit dedicated solely to our plentiful tomatoes. We are now picking handfuls upon handfuls of delicious, bright cherry tomatoes that you don’t want to miss. We’ve got all different colors of the rainbow, so try them out to find your favorite. You can also find some special ones we call Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes! These are still on the vine and are smaller than the others. They burst with a flavor that is like the best tomato sauce. We are also finally getting bushels of our fantastic heirloom tomatoes! Each of these beauties is unique as they ripen on the plant. They produce eye-catching shapes and colors that make them picture-worthy.



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