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Apples may seem like a basic fruit, but when it’s apple season, there are an endless amount of varieties that all carry different flavor profiles, textures, and are best used in different ways. Our grocery stores are always stocked with the familiar, like Gala, Fuji, and Pink Lady. While those are great in their own way, peak apple season is the time to branch out and try a variety you’ve never heard of. Here in Maryland, we are lucky to be near many incredible apple farms that are characteristic of the northeast. Read more to find out about some of our favorite apples available at the farm stands right now…

Honey Crisp These are your classic, go-to apple for snacking or baking. Probably the most widely known, these are everyone’s favorite. This is a large and juicy apple that gives you all you’re looking for in a quick fruit snack.
Mutsu These are great options for green apple lovers. Packed full of sweet and sharp flavor, they have a nice, balanced complexity and a juicy bite.
Stayman Apples For the apple affioncado, these apples are a luxurious choice. These have a rich, warm, and almost wine-like flavor, with a deep, satisfying crunch.
Jonagold This beautiful apple is a hybrid between yellow golden delicious apples and crimson Jonathan apples created by the New York State Agricultural Experiment team of Cornell University. This apple has a candy like flavor, with hints of honey and some tangy brightness.
Crimson Crisp These are the brightest red apples we’ve got! With their sweet and fall-spice flavor, these are perfect for snacking or for salads.
Autumn Crisp These are the cross between a Golden Delicious and Monroe apples. The result is a super sweet and crispy apple.



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