Farm Update

Things are starting out interesting this season either in scarcity or excess. There is clearly an abundance of cicadas and their alien invasion sounding chorus permeates my morning coffee. Traffic jammed roads and bustling sidewalk cafes seem to be the harbingers of a return to normal. In contrast lumber shortages have forced us to scramble for tomato stakes and re-evaluate the need for new floors at our Mass Ave Stand. Gas shortages on the east coast due to last week’s cyber attack forced us to cancel our trip to the northern neck of Virginia for fear of being stranded with an empty tank.

Things are heating up at the farm this week for certain. In addition to lettuces, kales, chard, baby greens and herbs, we got our first picking of strawberries. Most our petit Earliglow variety were wiped out from a late frost. The variety we are predominantly picking is Flavorfest. They are plump, juicy and their name just about says it all. Our first planting of warm weather veggies such as tomatoes, peppers and zucchinis, are all in the ground. We are plowing up some new patches to make space for basil and melons. If you get a chance be sure to try our baby stir fry blend of mustards, mizzuna and tatsoi. Have a great week.

John Norman