Farm Update June 20

This week, the farm has started to flourish and is now starting to show off all its summer heartiness. Year after year, it is always so pleasing to see how the rows of the farm fill in with the vibrant shades of green as the sun shines brighter and hotter on them. As you look along the rolling hills of plants, all of them have their own essences and characteristics, but fit together on this plot of land as a nourishing and wondrous bunch.


We want to send a shout out and thank you to all of our farm crew! The farm is looking outstanding and the plants are happy as can be.

We are starting to harvest more and more every day, this week bringing in some yearly farm stand favorites.

Get your best pickle recipe ready because our Kirby cucumbers are looking great these days. This variety is known for being the ideal size for use in traditional pickling.

As our truck and logos show, we are serious about sunflowers. Here is the first-round pick! We are so excited to start seeing them again.