Farm Update, May 7, 2016

This week I am not going to say there has been “too much rain”. Yes, the ground is completely saturated which is keeping us and our tractors out of the fields. Yes our spirits are feeling a bit soggy. True that we could use some more sunshine to get these plants growing. However, I am absolutely not complaining. This is due to my own observations of the farm community. I’ve noticed a certain taboo amongst the other farmers that you don’t talk about “too much rain”. When I bring up the weather there is a certain knowing glance or a poker face not to chime in with me. My working theory is that you could jinx yourself right into a draught. So this week, albeit like somebody left the water running upstairs above a ceiling of thick grey clouds, I am not going to say there has been, “too much rain.”

Despite the weather this week which included a hail storm that left mounds of gumdrop-sized ice cubes in Potomac but nothing in Woodbine, we have actually accomplished a good bit at the farm. This week’s plantings included our first of many rounds of tomatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni, summer squashes, and green beans. We added another succession planting of lettuce, chard, and bok choi as well. The cloudy weather gives the new transplants a good opportunity to get acclimated and adjust to the soil without the stress of direct sun beating down on them. We actually noticed how quickly the plants are sending their roots deep into the ground. And although we didn’t get to work in the fields as much as we would have liked, it was a great opportunity to get cleaned and organized at the packing house and implement our new inventory management and organization systems.

Coming up this week we hope to be planting peppers, and eggplant. We will be preparing even more 80’ X 200’ beds for planting, and getting our tomato stakes cleaned and sanitized and ready for use. Our electricity, which will power our water supply (currently we are using generators), is about to be activated, and we will continue to setup irrigation in zones to each of our vegetable beds. Have a great week everybody.



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