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It is difficult to imagine on this cool, crisp Sunday morning reminding me that fall is just around the corner that just a couple days ago we were in middle of a summer heat wave. This week we faced turbulent storms as well as heat and humidity. At the farm there is too much to do and we find ourselves needing to prioritize what is most important. The weeds are going to have to wait and the grass is getting a bit unruly. Our strawberry plant delivery has arrived, all 17,000 of them so the clock is ticking on getting them in the ground after hardening them off. The beds are prepared and set. There is also about 300 cases of tomatoes to be picked as well as all the other produce ready for harvest. To keep plants healthy, we have been picking everything we can and sending the surplus to auction. Usually this pays enough to cover our expense, but not always. We do it mostly for the benefit of the plants. This week that will have to be cut from the “to do” list for us to get what we need done. There is not much room for the unexpected, however as I arrive to the farm I find the crew pounding in tomato stakes that were standing tall just days ago. The fierce storms that came through the previous evening knocked over about six rows of heirloom and cherry tomato plants right at the peak of harvest. Other than the fact the plants are laying horizontally they are healthy and loaded with fruit. In fact this is the best tomato crop we’ve ever experienced. So our new priority for the day is to re-erect the plants so we don’t lose everything. The strawberry planting and tomato picking will have to wait another day. 

By the end of the week the strawberries are in the ground, the tomatoes are harvested, and the plants which were laying down just days ago are back up and recovering nicely. My brother even managed to get the grass mowed on Saturday afternoon while commenting on how many praying mantis we have on the farm. The cooler weather is rejuvenating and it is a pleasure running the stands and acknowledging all that goes into producing this food and seeing the appreciation on our customers’ faces. I hope everyone gets outside to experience this glorious break in the weather. Have a great week!









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