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As the summer moves into fall, it can sometimes feel like the abrupt change happens overnight. But, when eating with the seasons, you can see and taste the subtle shift in your food and prepare for the new season along with it. In case you hadn’t heard them in the trees, the annual “Dog-day” cicadas are out now to bring us full circle and carry us into a new Autumn with their late-summer symphonies…

Labor day is suddenly around the corner, and if there is ever a time to stock up and enjoy this season’s produce, it would be now. The weather will be in transition soon, and our hot-temperature favorites like tomatoes and cucumbers are in their season’s prime. We’re sure you’ve seen them, but have you ever wondered the difference between the three tomato varieties we are loaded up on at the markets? We’ll break it down here.

Beefsteak tomatoes are classic, red, and juicy tomatoes. These are the ideal option to go for when you want that solid, fresh tomato flavor. If you are looking for a sandwich or burger topping, these are most people’s go-to.

Roma tomatoes, also known as plum tomatoes, are deep red and oval-shaped. Due to its firm texture and minimal seeds, this variety is perfect for making sauces and soups. Check out the shakshuka recipe in this week’s newsletter for a great way to use fresh and ripe Romas.

Heirloom tomatoes are a term that describes tomato seeds that have been preserved and maintained through generations. Ranging from bright and sweet to deep and rich flavors, these summer tomatoes are uniquely delicious and are the option to go for when looking for a raw tomato to enjoy.

The varieties of heirloom tomatoes that we have most available at our markets are:

Brandy boys: These are a hybrid Brandywine tomato selected to have a more firm texture and resist plant diseases. They are bright pink with a tangy-sweet tomato flavor.

Hillbilly: These pink and yellow tomatoes are eye-catching and have a mouth-watering sweet and even fruity taste.

Cherokee Purple: These are the ones with deep red-purple hues and sometimes even shades of green. This variety is often among tomato-lovers favorites. They are full of antioxidants from the color, and their taste is perfectly savory and decadent.



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