Market Blog: Rosh Hashanah & Labor Day

This week was a turning point for us at the markets. As folks return to school, we find ourselves with a tight-knit team at the markets and CSA who will lead us into the fall season. It is a monumental start to the school year as most of us return to in-person learning and working. So before this starts, make sure to kick back this weekend and enjoy the holiday festivities with good company and even better food…

Our fall favorites, Italian Prune Plums, are now in and perfectly ripe. These are commonly used to make a traditional plum cake for the holiday (I’m sure we’ve all seen the New York Times plum cake recipe!) But these are also just delicious to eat as they are. These autumnal stone fruits are here just in time to collide worlds with the summer peaches and nectarines.

Another addition to our farm stands is apples! We have delicious, juicy honey crisp apples ready to dunk into our farm fresh honey. Our honey was harvested in August from our farm here in Woodbine, MD. We have over 20 beehives that sit at the bottom perimeter of the land, and the bees are able to buzz about our buckwheat and clover cover crops.

Not ready to let go of this sweet summertime? Have no fear, watermelons, corn, tomatoes, and peaches are very much still here. Tomatoes and peaches had a slightly later start this season, most likely due to the storms and cold fronts that came in at the beginning of the season. The late start gives us a few more weeks to enjoy these seasonal delicacies now, so make sure to enjoy the prettiest heirloom tomatoes and juiciest peaches while you still can find them.

Some of my other personal favorites are appearing at the markets. Lima beans are here and these are such a treasure. Try them in my succotash recipe from two weeks ago, or simply shell and blanche them for a delicious side dish. Kiwi berries are also filling the tables at the CSA. Kiwi berries are little fruits that look like grapes but have a taste like a kiwi. You eat these much like a grape or even a kumquat, so these are amazing for snacking or for donning a charcuterie board. Make sure to try these while they’re here.



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