Market Report

There is so much to enjoy straight from our farm at the market this week. CSA will keep chugging along for quite some time, but these summertime fruits are at their best right now. Some of our gourmet items, like seafood, will be taking a brief pause while our supplier is out of town. We will be resuming seafood sales in a few weeks, so keep an eye out. Hopefully, you have all been enjoying the system of filling baskets for CSA, as this is something we missed doing and allows everyone more variety. This week, keep an eye out for new items like squash blossoms and sugar cube melons…

Sugar cube melons, sourced from our farm in Woodbine, are personal-sized cantaloupes that are delectable and fun to eat. Take a spoon to them and enjoy this refreshing summer snack.

Squash blossoms are also picked from our farm, and these are a delicacy you should not pass up on. Squash blossoms are known to be delicious either sauteed, stuffed with cheese and fried, or even in tacos. Try some out with our local goat cheese for a dinner appetizer that is sure to wow your family and guests.

Different colored peppers are coming in now, including some of our favorites, purple peppers! Purple peppers have a rich, savory taste that is a bit sweeter than green pepper.

We also have several varieties of hot peppers to choose from now. Poblanos are dark green peppers. They are more smoky than spicy, and they work as an excellent vessel for stuffing or for pairing with fajitas. Jalapenos and serranos are here and it’s always a good idea to keep a couple of these stocked at your house for whenever you need to add a kick to something.

My personal favorite pepper variety is banana peppers, and they are coming in beautifully right now. These are the long, yellow peppers and they also have a sweet but savory bite to them, great for topping pizzas or sandwiches.



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