Where is everything coming from?

This is the height of the season and every day more & more fruits and vegetables come into season right here in our neck of the woods! We’re so glad to say that more is coming straight from our own farm too.

Here is a breakdown of where your favorites are being sourced from this week!

VEGETABLES: Almost all of our vegetables and leafy greens are being sourced directly from our own farm in Woodbine, MD! All our lettuces, our zucchinis, beets, cucumbers, and leafy salad greens like kale and chard are being picked fresh every day from just up the road in Howard County.

CHERRIES: Sweet, dark cherries are coming from Westminster, MD! They’re juicy and full of flavor, so make sure to grab your own basket of them.

BLUEBERRIES: We have just started sourcing our blueberries from one of the best berry spots in the country: New Jersey! Grab your own for snacking, smoothies, desserts, or to freeze for later.

STONE FRUIT & MELONS: These classic summer goodies are coming to us from Georgia right now! Still a few weeks away from being in season right around us, so savor these Georgia peaches and plums because they’re too sweet not to!

TOMATOES: Our tomatoes are being grown in Pennsylvania right now! They are delicious, juicy beefsteak tomatoes, fantastic for sandwiches and burgers. They’re grown in high tunnel fashion, which means they are planted outside and in soil, but utilize a hoop-shaped covering over top to promote ideal growing conditions.





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