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The past two weeks have felt like some of the busiest I’ve ever experienced. But, with that said, I’m sure these kinds of weeks are just the beginning of what’s in store. Between long days of culinary class that start before the sun rises and are non-stop movement until mid-afternoon, an internship, and homework for multiple classes, my brain has been on overdrive. For that reason, I’m going to share a few recent photos that can better describe the current life here at The Culinary Institute than my words can…

This Arroz con Pollo was made by my fellow students who are in their high-volume production class. It was steaming and smelled divine. They served this with maduros (fried ripe plantains) and my Puerto Rican side was extremely satisfied.
Maple syrup that we tapped from the trees behind campus. The weather is perfect for tapping right now because it dips below freezing at night, which makes the sap sweet, yet climbs back to above 40 during the day, allowing the sap to travel up and out of the tree.
We had a Sustainable Seafood Summit, where we got to hear important professionals in the seafood industry talk about the future of technology and culinary trends within the seafood sector. This was followed by a delicious tasting menu of local fish and oysters that I helped prep.
A snack of old bay potato skins made from our scraps during class. After peeling pounds and pounds of potatoes into perfect football shapes that we call tournes, our chef grabbed our scrap bucket and cooked these up for us as a surprise in the middle of service time. Just when everything seemed it was at the peak of stress, this was a delicious treat that made us smile and helped us relax and enjoy our day a little more.
A simple photo of something I really love doing: making fresh pasta. The process is therapeutic from start to finish, seeing this pile of flour and eggs turn into silky noodles that we coat with a flavorful herb sauce.



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