Cheers to the end of another week of setting 5 am alarms to walk to the basement of the main school building in single-digit temperatures every morning. We get there and immediately start fabricating meat in a chilled room before an appetite for breakfast has even sunk in. My classmates and I agree that something about this brutal schedule makes us feel alive; whatever it is, it’s that same something that gave us the drive to attend this school in the first place…

The communal kitchen in each dorm building is a lively and colorful place to spend the evenings. Groups of students cycle in and out with arms full of pots, pans, and ingredients to cook or bake their favorite recipes to share with friends. The best part is, you will never end up eating just what you make, as there are always extra plates going around. Last night, I got to try an Indian street food called Pani Puri, a crispy snack made from semolina and paired with potatoes and flavorful water. Tonight, I was lucky enough to share the kitchen with baking and pastry students who made fresh vanilla ice cream with a triple berry compote. Although there are so many different personalities and cultures, who attend this school, our shared love of good food makes for an easy and quick road to friendship.


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