Fall Squash Guide
It seems so fast, but we’ve finally made the switch at Norman’s to all fall everywhere. If you take a look around the tables at the stands and CSAs, you will see lots of new shapes and colors in your produce. The Fall produce is so fun to cook with because there are many different flavors and textures to the squash and pumpkins. If you’ve never used them before, they can seem a little intimidating, but rest assured, they’re so easy and fun to cook with. This guide will help you navigate which squash is best to use for all of your cooking needs. Try them all out to fully immerse yourself in this season’s bounties!
The culinary pumpkin guide will be up next week.
Fall Squash Guide!
Black Futsu Squash This is a Japanese heirloom squash that looks more like a pumpkin but fits more accurately into the squash description because of its use for savory meals. The skin on black futsu may look too bumpy to eat, but it is actually edible, tasty, and full of nutrients. The bumps on it actually create a perfect space for oil and herbs to settle in and add flavor. With a sweet and nutty flavor profile, these are amazing for roasting in wedges.
Honeynut Squash These taste just like normal butternut squash but even sweeter! Because of their small shape, the taste and nutrients are also more densely packed in this vegetable. Butternut and honeynut are both perfect for soups and roasting, but the small one makes a very beautiful side dish as you can serve a whole roasted half to each person!
Delicata Squash An Italian winter squash that has a great taste like a sweet potato. The name refers to how the skin is so delicate that it’s great to eat too! Don’t peel these delicious squashes. Try roasting simply it in half-moon rings for a healthy take on fries.
Spaghetti Squash This is an amazingly nutritious & effective substitute for pasta! When cooked, the flesh becomes stringy and holds the same consistency as a bowl of spaghetti. With its mildly sweet flavor, this tastes awesome with a light sauce or your favorite pasta toppings.
Kabocha Squash This squash is known for being hearty and full of great flavor for soups, curry, to cube up and add to beans and stews. Because it is so dense, this squash retains its shape and takes on most of the flavor of whatever it is cooked with. Kabocha also has a lovely, bright orange color that lends itself well to fall plates.
Acorn Squash A very popular winter squash known for its sweet taste and hearty texture! These are great for stuffing with sweet or savory ingredients or roasting simply. This squash is also great because the skin is edible and nutritious, making for easier prep and varied texture in your meal.