Farm Update, June 1, 2018

After a deluge on sunday we spent much of the week drying out so we could get our tractors back in the field and get our trucks unstuck from the mud. My heart sank when I saw Ellicott City’s hopes and dreams wash away into the Patapsco River just two years after the last flood. Our farm is not far from Ellicott City, for which I’ve always had a fondness. Back in college, on occasion, my friends and I would venture out of College Park and polk around the downtown antique shops and bookstores.  We’d check out the live music and have a beer. It was this eclectic old time town escape with a train track bridge along the Patapsco River. One of my favorite day trip getaways. I was hoping to turn our Strawberry JamFest into a fundraiser for the town. Unfortunately we are getting washed out again this weekend and since our rain date is rained out, it’s looking like it wasn’t meant to be.

We are going to keep plugging away at the farm and at the markets. We are picking our strawberries no which are really delicious. Our plants are looking healthy. Fortunately this was scheduled to be a light planting week. Next week looks dry and we will be planting the rest of our heirloom and cherry tomatoes and lots of other summer veggies. For you Ellicott City folk I guess you keep getting back up like Cool Hand Luke and take one step at a time. We definitely support you and hope this summer you can escape your troubles out at our farm just like I would mine in your town back in my younger days.  Have a great week everyone



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