Farm Update, June 8, 2018

It was a gorgeous week of weather and the farm was a great place to spend it. All our summer veggies are coming in nicely. Our tomatoes are all staked and many have been pruned and trellised. I was happy to see those little yellow tomato flowers again. We are about to start picking zucchini, squash, and cucumbers as well. We continue to follow our planting schedule and are about to start direct seeding pumpkins and fall squash. Strawberries are winding down. All the rain really abbreviated their season. To take their place we are lining up some cherries and peaches from farms to our south.

Deer have been decimating our lettuce and salad greens. I was discussing this at a CSA and how I have been putting off acquiring damage control hunting licenses because I am no hunter. Deer fencing would be my preference but its expensive and out of our budget. Then I consider planting an area just for them to keep them occupied, maybe soy or corn, then contemplate greenhouses, etc… all the while the deer population grows.  A couple CSA members’ ears perked up as they overheard my gripes and we began discussing hunting rights at the farm. This could be the start of something new and although I consider myself an animal lover I also enjoy a nice venison back strap on occasion.

This week I found an opportunity to head out to Swain’s Lock and walk the towpath along the canal. I couldn’t believe how high the river was following Sunday’s rain. The entire campground was submerged and my friend mistook the path in as a boat ramp. Further down the river came just inches from the towpath. I’ve never seen it that high. I’m estimating it was up 20 feet and actually higher than the canal by a good bit. Fallen trees were moving downstream like a stampede and you could hear other trees on the islands falling. Squirrels, deer, and birds were all squeezed up along the trail trying to stay on land. I even saw a giant rhinoceros beetle riding down on a log trying to stay afloat. I couldn’t help but feel their uncertainty and anxiety and hope for things to get back to normal. We stood alongside other spectators watching the river all in awe of the force of nature. Have a great week everyone.





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