Market Report

Mid-july has to be one of the best times for fresh, local produce. All the colors in the rainbow are represented in the fruits and veg, and many of the items are in their peak season. The humidity and scorching sun may be a lot for us to handle, but the fruits and veggies are ripening beautifully in response to it.

Now from Adams County, PA, these freestone peaches are ready for a peach-bushel-special. A freestone peach means the pit can be easily removed, as opposed to clingstone peaches, where the pit clings to the flesh of the fruit. Freestones are the best for baking with, freezing, or just for quick and accessible snacking.

Canary melons are here! Canary melons are bright yellow, football-shaped melons that have a sweet taste. They have been described as a delicate pineapple-cantaloupe taste, and many wait all year just for these. They are perfect for a multicolored melon skewer with watermelon, cantaloupe, and canary, maybe even with some prosciutto and mozzarella in between!

Kirby cucumbers, also known as pickling cucumbers, are coming in hot at our farm! These are small, finger-sized cukes that have tiny seeds and thin skin, which makes them a great choice for crunchy pickles or a crisp addition to salads or snack time.

Coming soon from our farm in Woodbine: okra, cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers (with other colors following closely behind)!