Farm Update – Midsummer

We’re at the point of summer where there’s as much time behind us as there is left in this season. This midsummer feeling is most recognizable by the fireflies twinkling in the trees at night and the comforting smell of a bonfire somewhere near. Last weekend, our family, friends, and staff joined us for a picture-perfect evening on the farm in Woodbine for the fourth of July fireworks. One of our favorite local pizza spots, Ema Rossi, brought out their pizza ovens and used some of our fresh ingredients to create delicious food for everyone there. We are so grateful for times like this when the summer seems to pause for a day so we can cheers and laugh through the Maryland humidity.

After the fireworks, there was a haze that settled over the farm the next morning. The morning sunlight filtering through left a beautiful sight for sore eyes after a late night of celebrating the holiday.
Here is the happy-go-lucky summer crew heading out for a tour of the farm. The farm is in full swing right now, which means it is the best time for everyone to see where the magic happens.
Sunflowers are now popping up! Our rows and rows of sunflowers are planted in succession to ensure waves of freshly picked sunflowers throughout the season. Our first picks were just this week, and soon we’ll see these rows filled with tall, bright yellow petals.
Our zucchini plants and green bean plants are equally as abundant. Here you can see rows and rows of our tangled green beans waiting to be harvested and enjoyed. When the green beans are this fresh, they stick to your shirt, try it for yourself at your next CSA or market day.



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