Gourmet Feature: Backyard Farms

The tomatoes we have are still delicious, even in the wintertime. For that, we have Backyard Farms to thank. Coming to us from Madison, Maine, this farm is solely dedicated to producing delicious tomatoes. While tomatoes are a summer delicacy, this farm has sought out a way to give people the best tomato flavor, even in the coldest months. They do this by choosing top-quality tomato seeds and germinating them in a specialized greenhouse. Then, they transfer the seedlings to another greenhouse on their property, where they are set up with an irrigation and nutrient system to help them grow to their fullest. Once ripe, the tomatoes are carefully hand-picked and packaged within the same day to send out to their retailer, like us.

Their carefully orchestrated operation strives to highlight the natural growth process of tomatoes and results in beautifully ripe and red tomatoes on the vine that tastes like the height of summer but come to us from the dead of winter in New England.