Springtime Vegetables!

Hello Norman’s readers! We are now deep into the spring season, the stands just opened, and CSA boxes are being packed to the brim with fresh seasonal treats. Some of you have been seeing new foods that you’ve never heard of or known how to use in cooking before. You can also search through our recipe section with the name of a vegetable, fruit, or style of the dish to find inspiration. In this article, I am going to give you a brief overview of some of our most frequently asked about spring veggies.

Fresh Garlic (aka Spring Garlic): This is just like the garlic you know already, however it has not fully formed yet and has also not been left to dry like traditional garlic. This results in a more slightly delicate garlic flavor, but more moisture in each piece so they cook more quickly. Try slicing them without breaking the cloves apart for a beautiful and aromatic ingredient for cooking.

Kale (curly vs Tuscan): Kale, a fantastic green used for cooking or raw salads, is surprisingly a member of the cabbage family. At Norman’s we typically have two different varieties. Tuscan kale, also known as Lacinto kale, is the darker green and longer one. This one has a hearty texture and holds up really well in sautes or stews. The other one is called curly kale. This is best for smoothies, salads, or also great for sauteing.

Leeks: Leeks can be compared to a similar taste and use of onions. They come from the same cultivar as onions and scallions, however with slightly more floral and fragrant tones to it. These are amazing to use for egg dishes, soups, pasta, stir fry, or anything you would normally spice with onion or garlic.

Kohlrabi: Another member of the cabbage family, kohlrabi is considered the German turnip. They come in two different colors, however the two taste the same. With an almost spicy and earthy flavor, this vegetable is perfect when used raw for coleslaws, or you can cook it into stir-fries or oven roasts.



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