Peach & Nectarine Dutch Baby

This dish is the perfect match for a weekend brunch! A Dutch baby is an oven-baked puff pancake that has a similar taste to a crepe. You can add whate... Read more

Farm Update: August 2020

Now that is late in the summer, most of the vegetables at our markets come straight from our soil up in Woodbine, MD. The storms from Hurricane Isias ... Read more

Farm Update: Mid July

This week, I headed out to the farm in the morning to dodge the sweltering midday sun we’ve been having. I am also glad I went at this time beca... Read more

Farm Update June 20

This week, the farm has started to flourish and is now starting to show off all its summer heartiness. Year after year, it is always so pleasing to se... Read more

Strawberry Care

Local strawberries are one of the sweetest springtime harvests and right now they are coming in tastier than ever! This is a season that you definitel... Read more