Weekly Blog – Hannukah

We hope you all had a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving break! This week, we’re all finishing up our Thanksgiving leftovers, and some of us are ... Read more

Thanksgiving Blog

Today is Thanksgiving and there’s not much more to do than to make our family favorites and spend time with our loved ones. For that reason, I a... Read more

Market Update

We want to extend a very special thank you to everyone who is joining us for our Winter 2021 CSA! Winter CSA is a very important time for us to stay a... Read more

A Letter from Your Farmer

Dear Norman’s Community, As we approach the final week of our Market Season CSA and our last weekend at the stands (until May), it is time to look b... Read more

Weekly Update

It’s starting to feel like fall now, and the cooler air at night keeps our dozens of pumpkins at the farm stands fresh and happy. If you haven&#... Read more

Weekly Update

These days, our farm is working its way into hibernation mode, and the general tone has become quieter and calmer all around. While we are turning the... Read more

Market & Farm Update

While the weather is still beautiful and warm, we are preparing ourselves and the farm for the last month of this CSA season and the start of the 6-we... Read more

Apple Guide

Apples may seem like a basic fruit, but when it’s apple season, there are an endless amount of varieties that all carry different flavor profile... Read more

Mom’s Apple Pie

If there’s one thing my family feels strongly about, it’s our apple pie. I hate to be one of those people who says my mom’s recipe i... Read more