Farm Update June 4th

Cicadas rattling in the trees has become the new background noise everywhere you go, but while in the center of the fields at the farm, the hum feels ... Read more

Farm Update

Things are starting out interesting this season either in scarcity or excess. There is clearly an abundance of cicadas and their alien invasion soundi... Read more

Farm Update

It was great to see a few minor tweaks at the CSA make such a difference this week! By extending the pickup schedules, allocating time slots and addin... Read more

Farm Update

With our CSA launched this week, our 2021 season is under way. We’ve been hearing from many of you gratitude towards going back to a market styl... Read more

Farm Update: August 2020

Now that is late in the summer, most of the vegetables at our markets come straight from our soil up in Woodbine, MD. The storms from Hurricane Isias ... Read more

Farm Update: Mid July

This week, I headed out to the farm in the morning to dodge the sweltering midday sun we’ve been having. I am also glad I went at this time beca... Read more